History Favors the Bold; Compensation Favors the Meek

General Managers have the responsibility of creating a winning culture and delineating that culture to fans.

The ethos of the team and brand allows the team to have a clear identity. Organizations with clear identities that are able to communicate it to fans have a higher rate of follower retention.

Building a foundation:

1) Players 
Take a hard look at your main roster and farm system to begin the process of weeding out inefficiencies while elevating strengths of individual players.

2) Culture
Who is this team? What is this team? Our leaders on the ice need to be properly defined. If the team has not found sustainable success in recent memory, I want to take the time to understand what has been holding us back. Are we taking advantage of unique opportunities in our market? What is our repeat guest rate?

3) The Fans
Under the assumption the team has a history of falling short in the regular season, everything we do must send the message that the organization is changing. The trust of the fans is something the organization can never want to take for granted. Is there a memorable player from this team that fans miss? Engaging with fans is vital for our organizations success

4) Differentiation
Small changes from new and unique promotional items to going completely digital with tickets sends the message that the organization is innovating and creating new practices. There are so many other spaces for entertainment today, and differentiation is the key to bring in new fans and keep them as avid followers.

It would be worth the investment to allocate team funds to new promotional items, historical throwback nights with the goal of increased fan engagement.

5) Perceived value
By investing in the in-game experience, we create a more unique product. This serves as a catalyst for creating customer value. Flexible ticket packages (which can include concessions), limited edition merchandise and other activities around the stadium and provides increased benefits to the fan, as well as a reduction in sacrifices required.

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